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Slim Panel

Control Panel

General Features

  • Compliance to Standards: En 81/1-2/20+A3
  • Control Type: Single Button Pickup Double Button Pickup
  • Elevator Speed: Up to 4 m/s
  • Serial Communication: With Floor and Cabin
  • Automatic Door Control: Single Door, Double Door
  • Display Outputs: 7 segments, Gray/Binary Code, LCD Output
  • Number of Stops: 64 Stops
  • Drive Type: Stepless Quick Gear Machine Gearless Machine (Machine with Ring or MRL
  • Group Control: Up to 8 Elevators
  • Cabin Positioning Information: Magnetic Switches, Encoder System
  • Door Bridging: Not Available
  • Language Options: Turkish, English, Russian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, German, Slovak

Technicial Specifications

  • Any kind of automatic door control
  • 1 piece of door control inputs and outputs in the revision box, 2 in the control panel
  • Built-in motor phase protection
  • Controlling ARCODE from any point with the hand-held terminal connected to the CANbus line
  • Leakage current protected the cabinet and well feed fuses
  • Well lighting control with pulse current switch (with buttons from the top of the cabinet and from the bottom of the well)
  • Emergency alarm siren (with buttons from the top and bottom of the cabinet)
  • Special connections for safety circuits in the control panel, revision box, and downhole box

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