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Human Resources

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As Merih Elevator we aim to create a human resource with strong loyalty and motivation by implementing modern and strategic human resources approaches to create employee satisfaction by contributing to their development in accordance to company vision, mission, and culture.

Our Values

Human Resource

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Life-Long Education

Work Ethics and Honesty

HR Policy

Merih Elevator incorporates people by evaluating not their qualities shown on the paper but by their merit, experience, and their sincerity as well as according to their handicraft and strategical mindset.

Our institutions try to be a piece of a bigger puzzle by incorporating safe, healthy, ethical environment for well-defined work and life balance, with this policy we try to be the first choice of customers as well as employees.

Recruitment Process

Every employee that is going to start working for us will be evaluated according to the position that they are applying for.
In this evaluating process, the steps are shown below:

1 Formation of an Open Position
2 Candidate Pool Research and Evaluation of the Applications to the Open Vacancies
3 Competence Evaluation Interview, Technical Evaluation Interview and Language Evaluation
4 Reference Control
5 Proposal Stage and Closure of the Vacancy
6 Job Orientation and Adaptation

Education, Career and
Development in Merih

We invest in our employees for our strategically focused areas for their education, learning, and development constantly. 

With this in mind, we aim to create a collective institutional culture and vision by investing personal and professional development of our employees with the lectures organized both in our institution and other educational institutions. New recruitments in our institutions are brought in to educational courses and orientational training which are specifically designed for their position. 

We try to create career maps for our high performing & promising employees so that both our production and professional continuity is reinforced as well as employee success.

Continuous evaluation of our current employees is supported by the designing of human resources strategy by the combination of the results from both Competence Evaluation and Performance Evaluation which gives a complex report of Talent Matrix.


We evaluate our employees according to smart goals and personal competence that are designed differently according to each of the employees.

With smart goals, we design specific goal cards for every job which are measurable, obtainable, realistic with time constraints.

It is important that these goals have to be in accordance with our company’s main strategy.

For the performance evaluation, we revise our goals in every interim period and get feedback on our employees' development.

We use the end-year results of the evaluation for understanding our employees' needs such as education, career guidance, and high-performance rewards.

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Internship in Merih

We support different students from Vocational Schools, Apprenticeship Training Centers, Colleges and Universities for their mandatory internship by providing on-the-job training, theoretical education as well as application education in order to strengthen their professional development.

In addition to that, we incorporate students from universities to our production efficiency programs with University-Industry cooperation to help students final year projects.

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